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Training Secrets To A Toned Body

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The 5 Pillars Of Training Success

I'll share the exact system behind all my successful client transformations - step by step.

Training Pitfalls That Are Killing Your Gains

Discover the common training mistakes women are making (and what to do instead to get your physique out of Stucksville).

The Nutrition Blueprint For "Toning Up"

Learn how to eat more to lose more, and discover the difference between "clean eating" and nutrition for body composition and strength optimization.

How To Train In Less Time With Better Results

We'll go over how to trim the fat from your workouts so you trade quantity for quality. No more 90-min or 2-hour sessions that get you nowhere!

...and so much more!

Hosted by Tijana Daly

Tijana Daly, aka Daly Dose Of Health, is a Team Strong Girls Body Transformation Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Certified Personal Trainer with nearly a decade of experience in the industry.

She's helped hundreds of women and moms transform their physique and strength while eating more food, training in less time, and taking the confidence they gain in the gym to all areas of their lives.

Tijana is a mom of two boys who lives in Ontario, Canada with her family.

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